What waits within

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I believe in all that has never yet been spoken

I want to free what waits within me
so that what no one has dared to wish for
may for once spring clear
without my contriving.
If this is arrogant, God,forgive me,
but this is what I need to say.
May what I do flow from me like a river,
no forcing and no holding back,
the way it is with children.
Then in these swelling and ebbing currents,
these deepening tides moving out, returning,
I will sing you as no one ever has,
streaming through widening channels
into the open sea.
– Rilke
Rikle’s Book of Hours is an awesome collection of love poems to God that will give you goosebumps. I wanted to share this one with you!

As much as you have done…

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Rwanda Day 2 008So I’m finally here with a blog. Hey it’s Joel. I hope to be here a bit more in the near future joining within the blogging community. I been struck recently by Matthew 25 and Christ’s parable of the righteous verses the unrighteous (also called the Sheep and the Goats). I am not taking this to the normal churchy argument of “works salvation” verses “works of salvation”, but to more of a globally socially conscious way of understanding Christ’s call to us. I’ll begin with a way that I think even the secular/humanist could resonate with. In Christ’s statement “as much as you have done to the least of these my brothers, you have done unto me” Christ is calling us to recognize that our actions of love or hate, for or against the “least of these brothers” is directly related to our treatment of him. So as we serve “the least of these” we serve God. So, who are the least of these? I would view the “least of these” as anyone who is oppressed, limited in their rights, abused or neglected due to the sins of a group or individual. So when we look at examples of this we may see victims of rape or incest, abused children, issues of homelessness both domestically and internationally, poverty and hunger (About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes), poverty and the Aids pandemic (AIDS kills over 2 million people a year), poverty and the drug war (until global poverty is combated the drug war will rage), racism and genocide (in Christ’s eyes the hate of a race or people group is genocide in the heart), and many more that would be to extensive to name. (but please feel free to blog in some more)  So how do we respond to these in light of Christ’s story?

Let me take this to a weird angle in hopes of connecting together my beliefs of the call and responsibility of individuals (especially those of faith) to the “least of these” and in turn Christ. Let’s say that you were to entertain Christ for the evening (whether you were to believe him to be the incarnate God, a prophet, a great teacher or a dynamic man) What would you prepare? I would say, most of us, just because of Christ’s prominence would spare no expense in preparation or purchase of the meal. We would clean our house and make sure that where he was to sit at our table or in our living room was cleaned well and the most comfortable place to sit. Most of us would go out of our way to let others know… “Hey, Guess who’s coming to dinner?” (not Sidney Poitier) We all around would make sure that this meal would be a meal to remember. I am reminded of the likes a wedding reception, where parents and the betrothed spend unbelievable amounts of money to make this (hopefully) once in a lifetime event into a glorious occasion. How much more would we spend to entertain Christ? In Christ’s call as much as you have done this for the least of these you have done this to him. The food, the drink, the comfort, the celebration that we would give to Christ, we do give in actuality through our giving to those who are in need.

I was going to here take the obvious angle of loading your minds with statistic that would inundate your brain and bring on some overwrought feelings of guilt and devalued self-worth in hopes that we all would “give a little more”. But as I have seen in my few years in ministry, that has done very little to change peoples hearts. It’s so easy to look at the big and say… “Well its not just me then.” or to just see it as so insurmountable that we fail to act out of fear. How I would like to take it and end with is just to think. What kind of party would you throw for Christ? Is that how we party with the “least of these”. Do you have a “spare no expense” attitude to the “least of these”? Or do we find that we ignore this call as “Just another one of those teachings”. So now. THINK.

SB 250- Mandatory Spay/Neuter

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Most people don’t like politics because it can be so confusing. But actually there are many bills that affect our lives that aren’t so crazy.

For Example: yoda-dogSenate Bill 250 –

– will require all pet owners to pay a fee if they choose not to spay or neuter their animal
-all “roaming cats” must be spayed or neutered.
– current owners will have to come into compliance.
– if your animal is caught w/out being spayed = $250 fine + immediate spaying/neutering costs.

My thoughts on the issue:

-if the cat happens to get out by accident, which sometimes happens, should people be penalized for that?
-Not right to force pet owners to pay more if they choose not to have their animal spayed or neutered
– Difficult thing to regulate.
– How does one tell whether a “roaming cat” is spayed or neutered?


– Turn it into an incentive rather than a penalty, for businesses and individuals. If its really about saving money, people should share in the rewards of their success.
– For example, change it to where pet stores get rewarded for having a certain percent of their animals already spayed and neutered upon being sold. This would stop the problem at its source, be easier to regulate and would generate a more positive environment on all fronts. The majority of animals sold would be spayed or neutered, but choice would still be preserved. For those individuals who really want unchanged animals, they would still know where to get one.

Contact your State Rep Today! It’s easier than you think!! 🙂 

Awesome Art

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cloud of cups


detail showing closeup of cups

My friend Abby is in town from Boston. She attends MASS Art and introduced me to one of her favorite artists, Tara Donovan, who has now become one of my favorite artists! She uses mundane things like paper plates, tar paper, tape, straws, pencils, and fishing line to create beauty!  Check her installations out!


A God who Laughs

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One of my students randomly said today that if He were God the first thing he’d do is laugh!   I thought that was great!! 🙂

So here’s a little clip to brighten your day!!

“She who kneels before God, can stand before anyone.” – author unknown

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Reverence by Manuel Nunez

Reverence by Manuel Nunez

Last night I had dinner with my dad. He is an amazing man…

Being a woman called to study the things of God, and bent on pursuing justice, it was inevitable I would take up the debate on women as leaders in the church. 

It has been a long conversation between my dad and I, over many dinners and in many car rides.

In doing research for the book he is writing he happened upon this quote and presented it to me yesterday as the nail that finally drove in his decision to believe that yes, women may be lead pastors. 

Thanks dad. For your love, for your devotion to God, to truth, to your family, and to the deep things in life. You are my hero!  You make this saying true, “behind every great woman, there is an even greater man!” 🙂

May my life bring honor to you in your “old age!” haha! JK. wink.


P.S. Check out Manuel Nunez’s work. It’s awesome!

More visions of the possible!

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